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obstreperous v [userpic]
yea, first post
by obstreperous v (obstreperousv)
at October 19th, 2005 (09:04 pm)

So, after having the following conversation over AIM (I'm Miss V):
Miss V: but i'm a freak
Miss V: i get like really soft stubble on my labia
Miss N: nope you're not
Miss V: really really soft
Miss V: it's weird
Miss N: hehehehhee
Miss N: :X
Miss V: lol
Miss V: well conditioned vagina
Miss N: hehe
Miss N: ^_^
Miss V: :D
Miss N: wow, i totally can't focus
Miss V: i like talking about my vagina
Miss N: haha
Miss V: there should be a club for that

... I decided to make this community doohickie for girls who like to talk about their vagina in the praiseful way. So join, post, and make buddies with your vagina.

For the past few months, I haven't really thought about my vagina all that much.. But honestly, I really love being a woman. I love being soft and smooth and curvy. I love my vulva and everything about being a girl. Share the love.

(... As a note, it's really hard to find not-perverted vagina icons. What the shit? Why are vaginas always made dirty. I mean, sure. Nothing wrong with viewing a vagina as being sexual but sweet jesu, all that schlick schlick drip I'm a horny slut stuff gets a little annoying.)